A Note About Shipping

Shipping is expensive, and that makes me sad.

It means when I sit down to price my items, and figure out shipping costs, I have to balance making things affordable for you, and being able to ship items to you in the most effective, timely manner. My preference is to ship domestic packages USPS Priority Mail- I can print the labels from my home (saving me a trip to the post office), there’s a discount for buying the shipping online (yay, discounts), and, most importantly, you get a tracking number so you know when your package is going to arrive. I also do a few other things to try and keep my costs down- like reusing shipping materials whenever possible, and shipping in the smallest safe package.

Even with all of that, I do still need to charge a workable amount to cover the postage. So here’s what I’ve done on this site:
1) There is a base shipping cost of $5. This amount will be added to all non-digital orders.
2) Each individual item also has a shipping cost that represents a rough calculation (looking at weight, size, packaging needs)of what additional shipping for that item will be.
3)The total of these numbers will be reflected in your shopping basket.
4) The digital handouts have no shipping cost, and won’t trigger the base shipping, if that is all that’s in your basket.
5) Some items may ship separately. I don’t charge extra for that.

My other shops at The Craft Star and Redbubble have their own shipping & handling systems, and are calculated independently of anything you buy here. Redbubble handles their own printing & shipping, please view their terms if you have questions about products from there.

International Shipping

If domestic shipping makes me sad, international shipping makes me downright morose. I just shipped a 6x3x12 inch, 1.5lb package to Poland, and it was $22 US. YUCK! So I am happy to fill orders outside of the USA, but they will require additional shipping costs. Here’s how that will work:
1) You order from this site, giving me the address to ship to.
2) I will estimate the additional shipping costs, and contact you with that amount.
3) If you agree, you’ll pay that additional amount via PayPal, and I’ll fill the order.
4) If you’re not wanting to pay the additional shipping, I’ll refund your order payment (minus the PayPal fees).

Shipping Times

Most of these items are printed on-demand, that is I don’t automatically have a stock of them on hand. This means that it can take up to 3-4 weeks for the items to arrive here, me to sort and package them, and then ship them out to you. I do my best to make the time between your order and the items arriving at your doorstep as small as possible, but sometimes LIFE happens, and it may take up to 6 weeks for things to get to you, especially international orders.

HOWEVER- if it gets to 4-6 weeks, with no sign of even a tracking number, please, contact me and ask what’s up!

Refund Policy

Because this is a one-woman cottage industry on demand service, there should be a minimum of damaged, lost or just unwanted items. But, if something does happen, or you just really don’t like something, please let me know- I’ll handle refunds on an individual, case-by-case basis.