“Welcome to Laborland” Adult Coloring Book

Adults have suddenly discovered that they can use coloring books; for relaxation, creative expression, and just for fun. I took the concept of an adult coloring book, and used it to show the beauty, power and grace of the birthing family.
Throw in some of my favorite quotes about birth, and you have a creative, unique book that can be a personal art project, or a childbirth class activity. My original art is being ‘digitally remastered’ by Robert Barnett, for clean, easy to use coloring pages. NOTE: This coloring book depicts female nudity (naturally), and may not be appropriate for some people.

~15+ pages of full page art~
~Single sided pages to prevent bleed-through~
~Spiral bound for easier coloring~
~Art released under the same CC licencing as handouts~


PACKAGE of 5 ~ $65

PACKAGE of 10 ~ $125

This project was funded through the generosity of my IndieGoGo campaign backers; David Barr, Stephanie Bryant, Farrah Deselle, Missy Pratt & and an anonymous donor.