The Welcome to Laborland coloring book & individual downloadable pages are released by Heart of Birth under the following rights:

1) Make copies of any of the pages for your personal, individual use.
2) Make copies of individual pages for use in the classroom, in workshops, or with clients.
3) Encourage others to purchase their own copy by visiting our website.

1) Copy and distribute the coloring book in its entirety, even for free.
2) Distribute any portion of the book or handouts online, via download, social media, blog post, email, etc. (Exception is made for emailing individual pages to clients prior to classes.)
3) Charge money for any portion of the book or handouts.
4) Claim any of the book or handouts as your own work or creation.
(If you want to share your finished coloring pages, please use the attribution “From ”Welcome to Laborland” by C. Hamilton,”. Share the link with us, too, we’d love to see!)

Thank you for respecting the work that went into creating the coloring book & handouts, and honoring the intent of making these affordable, creative tools for childbirth professionals by not ‘pirating’ the material.